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Khaleel Haji

Creating ads for platforms like Facebook and Instagram should be simple and straightforward. Instead, it can be downright frustrating. 

At least that's how Catherine Gagnon felt when she  attempted to create ads with Facebook’s complicated  native tools. 

An indie publisher and writer, Catherine is the author of The Divine Order of Olympians Saga

Writing from a very young age, Catherine has always been fascinated by Greek mythology and its complexity. While in Hawaii she fell madly in love with the culture and the people. It was there that she discovered the intricate connections between Greek and Hawaiian mythology. It was then that she was inspired to write about the two things that fascinated her the most: Greek Mythology and Hawaii.

As Catherine played with the idea of advertising her writing and novels, she found herself investing much more time than intended on marketing - time she could have been spending on her craft!

Tired of the time it took to navigate the complexities of creating ads on Facebook, and the fact that the campaigns didn't work, Catherine felt like she had spent a whole lot of time and money and had gotten very little in return. 

For Catherine, her swiss army knife solution was AdPuzl (hyperlink to product page). It helped her break free from the complexity of social media advertising, and easily create Facebook and Instagram ads that shine! She was able to simply select an image, some text, and her website to slot into AdPuzl and immediately launch her ad campaign.

“It makes everything so much easier for people like you or me. “I was really satisfied with the results of it - it was pretty amazing.”

Hear Catherine speak about her experience with AdPuzl:

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