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If you’ve ever tried to booking Facebook or Instagram ad campaigns you may have realized it can be really difficult.

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Iliyana Shoushounova

If you’ve ever tried to booking Facebook or Instagram ad campaigns you may have realized it can be really difficult.

Not only is the platform hard to navigate, but there are so many different tools and elements involved that it can feel overwhelming.

This is why we created AdPuzl.

The Problem We Are Solving

Facebook ad campaigns common issues.

There are so many different pieces to the puzzle when it comes to creating ad campaigns on Facebook.

  1. The first being that Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager can be quite difficult to navigate and use for non-technical users. Through AdPuzl, we have stripped that back so the best and most likely to perform options are available without the headache of choosing through hundreds of options.

  2. Another difficulty users face is that there are too many options, different placements, platforms, audiences and campaign types to select from. Not to mention that “Good Performance” is hard to determine as there are a lot of metrics and numbers that can be difficult to analyze without professional experience. With AdPuzl, we provide you with the tools and insights in-platform that help determine what good looks like to you.

  3. We also understand that the ad-building process can be extremely time-consuming. You may be selecting options that don’t work and are stuck with a big bill not knowing what you spent it on — which can be very overwhelming, confusing, and intimidating. So we’ve made it super simple and straightforward so you won’t be facing any surprises.

  4. Most business owners believe they can’t build an ad campaign without significant training. This is fair to say for advanced campaigns, but a lot of businesses, especially smaller businesses, don’t need super complex ad campaigns. They just need to get a presence!

The Ecosystem

AdPuzl takes control of Facebook Business Manager, Facebook, Pages Manager, and instagram and make simple ad campaigns.

If you’re building ad campaigns then you may have noticed that you need to worry about understanding not only Facebook Business Manager, but also Facebook, Pages Manager, and Instagram.

Instead of learning all these platforms, we’ve layered AdPuzl on top of them so you just need to use AdPuzl and it will automatically fire into Facebook Business Manager and the respective parties, saving you tons of time!

The Simplest Way To Build Social Media Ad Campaigns That Perform

With 4 easy steps and a super simple interface, AdPuzl makes the ad building process simple and effective.

All you need to do is

  1. Select your goal

  2. Build your creative

  3. Choose your audience

  4. LAUNCH!

The audience selection tool removes most of the unnecessary and low-performing options while maintaining advanced audience demographic, interest, and behavioural targeting.

Additionally, our smart budget recommendation helps you determine how much you should be spending based on your goals and audience.

Please note that this isn’t a recommended budget from Facebook, we are recommending a budget based on what we think will perform based on our years of agency experience.

Who Do You Want To Reach?

On Facebook, there are about 20 different goals so we’ve selected these three because we know these are the ones that perform the best.

Engagement: People who actively like, comment & share posts.

Traffic: Frequent ad clickers.

Reach: As many people as possible.

Simple Ad Creation

We’ve created a hassle-free creative builder — meaning that you can click on the different fields to edit right away!

AdPuzl is integrated with a premium royalty-free stock image website allowing access to thousands of free high-quality images for your campaign (you can also upload your own image if you prefer).

We’ve also packed it with helpful hints to ensure your ads are compliant while also prepared for performance.

Precise Audience Selection

AdPuzl limits placement options to the ones known to perform.

Here are some of the aspects we’ve incorporated that will help you build your audience:

  • See in real-time the number of people who will see your ad based on your selected criteria.

  • Our smart budget recommendation engine will tell you how much you should spend for peak performance.

  • Full access to advanced demographic, interest and behavioural audiences –you can browse or search in an easy way.

  • Once confirmed, your selected audience and ad creative will be automatically uploaded directly to Facebook and your campaign will go live!

We’ve created this tool to help fight the pandemic. We know a lot of businesses are starting to open up and that everyone’s in recovery mode.

If you’re having a difficult time with your social media marketing or it’s too complex and you don’t have the bandwidth or resources or the budget to hire a large agency, visit

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