How To Link Instagram To Your Facebook Page

So you have a Facebook and Instagram page but they’re not linked. No problem.

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So you have a Facebook and Instagram page but they’re not linked.

No problem.

To start, ensure that you’re an admin of the Facebook page you want to connect.

Additionally, make sure that your Instagram account has been converted to an Instagram Business account.

Once that has been setup it’s time to link Instagram and Facebook together!

Link Instagram to Facebook. Login page for Facebook.

In order to link Instagram to Facebook, the first step is to log into your Facebook account.

Once logged in, head over to the left hand side of your screen until you find “Pages”.

Select the appropriate page then click “Settings”.

Scroll down until you see “Instagram”.

How to link Instagram to Facebook.

Now click “Connect Account” and fill in your username and password.

Instagram login page.

You have successfully connected your Facebook account to your Instagram!

Connect to Facebook From Instagram

The first step in connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook page is to log into your Instagram profile.

Now head over to your profile and select “Edit Profile” just above your posts.

Under “Public Business Information” you’ll see “Page”.

Once you select it you will be asked to either create a Facebook page or link to an existing page.

Link instagram completed.

There you have it! Now that you’ve successfully linked your two accounts together.

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