Custom Graphics VS Stock Images - What Should You Use In Your Ads?

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Khaleel Haji

When you think of advertising, the first thing that probably comes to mind are fancy billboards featuring spectacular photos and images. After all, the first thing that usually attracts someone to a piece of advertising is the overall aesthetic. 

As visual beings in a digital era, we assess and scan the flurry of advertising that comes our way via search and social, all day every day.

So what is better for your brand? Custom graphics or stock images? 

Doing It Yourself?

If you are doing it yourself, the most time-effective option is likely going to be free stock photo images. A monthly subscription to something like StoryBlocks or Envato can get you access to all the stock-free photos you’ll ever need. You can also be even more frugal and scour sites like Pexels or Unsplash to get something a bit more generic (Or you can have your cake and eat it too with AdPuzl - read on to learn more).

Depending on what you are advertising, stock-free photos can either be a good representation of your brand and business, or they could leave something to be desired.

Free graphic design applications like Canva will help you create something that looks a bit more curated for free and with a little ingenuity.

Clicks, Clicks, Clicks

When creating ads, all we really care about at the end of the day are those sweet likes, comments, and of-course clicks. 

So which is superior in generating clicks? Stock-free or custom images?

The answer here is not so cut and dry, but the customization of graphics can help you to tailor your ads to speak to your specific target audience. Even adding something as simple as a border can increase the look of luxury in the example of a jeweler, or a logo for brand recognition for your hand-made bags from your Etsy store. 

Above are some unique borders that help give structure to the creative without being too boring or obstructing the image & messaging!

Stock photos can get tiresome if you aren’t investing time in sourcing the right images and users will usually scroll right past these - unless they are psychologically captivating and show people laughing, having a good time, showing the whites of their eyes and teeth, etc. These are all proven ways to increase your click-through-rate, making your ads more eye-catching and interesting. 

Whatever You Use, You Can Use It In AdPuzl

Whether you are using stock-free images or something a bit more creative, the best ad-building template will not only help you reach your ideal audience but do it in no time at all.

AdPuzl comes with a stock-free photo library so you don’t have to peruse the vast expanses of the internet, but you can also import your custom graphics too!

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